Blog: 10 challenges facing IT leaders in a startup

As an IT leader appointed to manage in various contexts and environments, I had to face multiple concurrent challenges and address. From my perspective, challenges are opportunities to learn. Accordingly, I set my mind and devised my strategy and countermeasures tactics to defeat challenges in single or in groups.

Here is a roster of the key challenges I had to face throughout my leadership endeavors along with description and countermeasures:

1- In a startup context, building structure is by far the most outstanding challenge
2- In a startup you will lead tens of concurrent, yet urgent open projects
3- In a startup, it is really challenging if you don’t have a good grasp of critical soft skills such as assertiveness and presentation skills
4- In a startup, team building and managing team dynamics add to your challenges
5- Finance and budget constraints, exchange rate changes, taxes:
6- Regulation, and official documents:
7- Managing stakeholders expectations:
8- Breaks and public holidays:
9- Competition
10- Last but not least, centralization of decision making
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