What are the top 10 amazing facts about Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneur are like true super hero. They fall they rise. They build their own destiny. They keep moving in tough times. They take risk easily.

My response was as follows:

  1. Entrepreneurs are risk takers
  2. Risk taking by entrepreneurs leads to innovation
  3. Companies and societies benefit enormously from successful entrepreneurs
    • Successful ideas are acquired by large corporations
    • Entrepreneurs help create an ecosystem of startups around them (e.g Waterloo area in Canada that thrives because of Blackberry)
  4. Success is not always guaranteed. And not all innovation is recognized
  5. Behind every successful entrepreneur …. Are dozens of unsung heroes including
    • Employees
    • Investors
    • Family and friends
  6. Success is not always guaranteed. However, entrepreneurs learn quickly from their failures
  7. Entrepreneurs don’t always go after coolest, newest technologies
    • Some of the most successful entrepreneurs are fast-followers and not innovators
  8. Entrepreneurs are tenacious… but they also know when to walk away
  9. Some entrepreneurs thrive in startup hubs – like Silicon Valley, Bangalore etc – but the vast majority come from other cities where they happen to live
  10. Startups don’t depend on governments
    • However, positive policies and economic incentives help entrepreneurs


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