Startup NuTonomy to Test Self-Driving Cars in Boston 1

NuTonomy, the startup that beat Uber Technologies Inc. to public streets with robot taxis, will begin trying out autonomous vehicles in  Boston by year’s end.

The company, financed in part by Ford Motor Co. Executive Chairman Bill Ford’s venture fund, announced on Monday a deal with the city of  Boston and state of Massachusetts to test on public roads a Renault Zoe electric car with nuTonomy’s self-driving software.


Image: nuTonomy


“These tests in the City of Boston will enable our engineers to adapt our autonomous vehicle software to the weather and traffic challenges of this unique driving environment,” Karl Iagnemma, nuTonomy co-founder, said in a statement.

The tests, which initially will involve a single car, will be conducted in the Raymond L. Flynn Marine Park, an industrial area in the southern part of the city. Beyond exposing the self-driving system to foul weather, they will help the company sharpen its software’s ability to recognize signage and road markings and gain experience with the complexities of urban driving, including pedestrians and cyclists as well as human motorists.

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