Israel The Startup Nation

The Startup Nation

Israel has just about eight million people (less than 0.1% of the world’s population) and resonates today as one of the most vibrant tech startup cluster, attracting more venture capital per inhabitant than anyone else in the world. The Israeli startup ecosystem raised as much as $3.6 billion last year with an average deal size of $11 million according to a report by Geektime. This is obviously nowhere near the $60 billion invested in the United States in 2015, however on a per capita basis, Israeli startups received more than twice as much as their US counterparts and more than 25 times the EU level the report says.

Israeli and American venture vehicles have traditionally topped the rankings in funding Israeli tech projects. But more recently Chinese and Indian venture capitalists have interestingly started to invest significantly. The Chinese for instance invested about $500 million in the local scene in 2015. Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-Shing’s VC Horizons Ventures fund was last year the largest source of foreign cash for a growing number of startup in Tel Aviv according to IVC Research Center.

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