Digital Startup Q&A : Friday 2nd December

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How do I earn money from Facebook fan page if I have one thousand followers?


Congrats on your Facebook fame! You must have done something innovative or interesting or cool to have this many followers.

So, what is it? Some music? A funny video? Written a book? other stuff?

To monetize your fame, you will have to

  1. Upload the creative work to a website – like a video to youtube, or eBook to amazon, or an article or pictures on a website with adsense advertisements.
  2. Send the link to all your followers and
  3. As them to watch the video or buy the book, or read the article.

Have fun making money!


When companies say there’s only 1 item left in stock, do they mean it?

It means what it says.

eCommerce vendors, like other retailers monitor the Available-to-promise very closely. What this means: If there were x number of items on stock, one could order x or x-y units of the order.

What if a customer suddenly comes and wants X+Y units?

If not designed correctly, the website might take the order and the folks trying to fulfill the order might realize oops, we really don’t have those many items. They will have to contact the customer and offer lesser number of units or cancel the order. Not a great way to manage customer expectations.

This is probably the reason some sites display “only 1 item left in stock” to set the customer expectation right upfront.

Is it safe buying iPhone products online?

It depends on where you are planning to buy. Apple .com or its country affiliates are of course the original source. You should also okay dealing with sellers on Amazon, eBay (sellers with high rating)

You need to watch out while dealing with individuals who post classifieds on Facebook, craigslist and other websites. The experience in dealing with unknown individuals may be mixed.

Tip: If you do decide on buying an expensive iPhone from someone listing on craigslist, facebook etc, you should try and meet face-to-face and avoid cash transactions.


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