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5 things a new startup can do to get a journalist’s attention – by  Gedalyah Reback

Richard Branson goes kitesurfing with three girls hanging off of him, because it’s his hobby. Photo credit: Richard Branson

Small startups crave attention to get noticed by potential customers and investors, but miss doing simple things to get on a journalist’s schedule. Here are five things you can do when you consider reaching out to the press and want to get coverage. Some of these things are easy. Some of these things take more work. But they will get you coverage, and likely not just from Geektime. There are clearly other ways to get our attention as well, but let’s start with these tips.

1. Tell us more about your founders’ and leaders’ personal backgrounds
2. Where are you located? What are your markets?
3. Clearly, concisely, redundantly explain your technology
4. Drop the jargon
5. Take a photo and draw a picture

Of course, this is just to grab our attention. We want to talk to you. We want to be on the phone with you and meet you for coffee. We want to have a natural conversation that leads to quotes that make for better articles. You want those things, too. You need those things, too.

This list could be longer, but it’s a great and simple start to catch our eyes and get us to lend you our ears. If you want to win the attention game, learn to sell yourselves and not just your news.

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Let’s celebrate failures…Three mistakes of my startup life  by Ankit Rawal

In the spirit of acknowledging failure and its potential benefits, here are three mistakes of my startup life.

Mistake #1: Hiring candidates who want to get on a rocket but insist on a window or aisle seat
Learning #1: Hire for Smarts FIRST, Skills LATER.

Mistake #2 Outsource the culture of the team/company to the HR Department
Learning #2: Entrepreneurs/team leads cannot outsource culture. You have to own it, live it.

Mistake #3: I know it all! I am the rainmaker with the midas touch!
Learning #3: Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

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