Q&A : How do I kick start a beverage cafe in India?

How do I kick start a beverage cafe in India? You open one and then ask for investor to expand or other way around?

I’m 25 year old mech engineer. I’m really keen on opening tea cafe, I want to make it big using social media and tech. Do I make a business plan first and approach investors or I open a small one and then look for investor.

Prospective ChaiWala,

Firstly, I admire your ingenuity in taking on the big guys like Starbucks, Cafe Coffee Day etc.

It is unclear if you are looking to open a single cafe or a chain/franchise operation. Even if you are planning a franchise, it has to start with a cafe (your first store) where you try out your business model and operations.

When it comes to Cafe and food joints, the basic business mantra – location, location, location – really matters. Social media and digital tools will help you get the buzz but won’t get customers to travel more than few minutes for a cuppa.

Few investors will invest in an unproven “coffee shop concept” that is trying to take on Starbucks, Cafe Coffee Day and others. However, if you are able to demonstrate the concept and successfully prove the business model works – with positive cash flow – you can entice investors, and other franchisees

Enjoy a GaramChai !

Response by Mohan K, Editor @ MyDigitalStartup.net

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