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Explore your city through a new lens with Urban Trippie

In large cities like Bangalore, people spend nearly two hours in commuting to and back from work, leaving little time to plan leisure activities or to explore the city. Urban Trippie addresses this challenge with a city exploration application. The app is a one-stop shop platform for all the best joints in the city under the Food, Entertainment and Recreation vertical.

Unlike other platforms, Urban Trippie is not a listing portal, rather it takes user preferences and creates instant outing itineraries based on his/her choice of location, thereby saving time and energy spent in going to multiple sites for reviews and planning your hangouts in the city. The app is currently available on Android and operational in the city of Bangalore with over 100 users signed up since its recent launch in December 2016.

Urban Trippie Team: Suraj & Sanma Shetty and Prakash Sadashivaiah

With its strategic alliances with other major players in the market, Urban Trippie has already brought in Movie ticket booking via Book My Show. It will be rolling out Table reservation capabilities through their partnership with Dineout. Furthermore, they will enable users to book all recreational activities on their platform by directly tying up with activity providers and other leisure establishments. These elements will make it a one-stop shop solution for all leisure needs.

Startup Bytes

Urban Trippie City exploration application (App)
Co-founders: Suraj Shetty, Sanma Shetty and Prakash Sadashivaiah
Startup Focus: Urban consumer Entertainment – Aggregation of Food, Entertainment and Recreation verticals.
Future Plans: Currently bootstrapped by founders, Urban Trippie plans to expand to cities beyond Bangalore
Competitors: Thrillophillia and Little Black Book

Q&A: Interview with Sanma Shetty

How did you get started with the idea?

Sanma: The idea is a manifestation of a problem faced by us during a lot of our outings. Whether it be going out with friends & family in our own city or visiting a new place as a tourist, we always ended wasting a lot of time in research and discussion about the place we wanted to experience. Add to it the confusion of personal preferences of each person in the group. It used to add chaos to the entire situation and finally we used to end up at the same place as before or just do random exploration. Either ways there was no way to have that fulfilling leisure experience especially for us urban folks as time in an urban environment is at a premium.

The idea sounds unique. Who are your main competitors?

Sanma: Our main competitors currently are 2 companies. Thrillophillia and Little Black Book

Who are the target users? (Please describe the user demographics and cities covered by Urban Trippie)

Sanma: Our primary customer segment is the working urban population aged between 25 and 40. The more popular name for this segment is “The Millennials”. These folks have the spending power as well as this voracious appetite for new experiences. They are also focused on quality and the reason why our entire database is curated to make sure the experiences generated on our application are the consistent and best. Currently, we are available in the city of Bengaluru.

How do you plan to address practical challenges. For example, traffic and commute can eat into any trip plan, especially in metros like Bangalore? Are there other challenges you plan to address?

Sanma: To begin with we have pre-set time metrics for distance ranges for Bangalore city. Living in this city for a significant amount of time has given us the nuance of average travel times for any distance value. Going forward, we are working to make it dynamic by integration traffic data from google maps, which will add further value to our discovery and planning engine.

How do you plan to take Urban Trippie global? Planning a trip in New York City can be very different from planning one in Bangalore.

Sanma: Yes, each city is different in terms of geography, infrastructure and traffic movements. We are still looking at product-market fit and moving to other cities is not on the priority. Our current tech infrastructure as well as the core algorithm has been built to adapt to changing elements of a city and scaling to other cities or going global (when it happens) shouldn’t be an issue.

Tell us about your business model. Where do you see yourselves in a year?

Sanma: Our current business model revolves around aggregation and commission. Our belief is that we are an experience company and not a listing platform, hence we will be moving towards the experience business this year. We have already started our backend tie-ups with vendors in the city and will be coming out with our new offerings sooner rather than later.

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