Digital Startup News roundup Feb 5th 2017

A weekly roundup of Startup news

  • Emoji marketing startup Inmoji raises another $1.5MWell, Inmoji, a startup that creates emoji-focused marketing campaigns, is announcing that it has raised an additional $1.5 million, bringing its total funding to $9 million. This comes a week after announcing a self-serve platform that should make these emoji campaigns accessible to a broader range of businesses. CEO Michael Africk said that over the past few years, he’s seen a “gold rush” of other companies moving into branded emojis. (In fact, the social media platforms have started to do something similar themselves.)

  • An accelerated sale for a Microsoft Accelerator startup – Last week, Microsoft held its ‘pitch day’ for the latest cohort of startups in its London accelerator program. The event at Victoria House on Thursday was dubbed ‘The Gallery of the Future’ and was a sort of coming out party for the eight young companies going through the computing giant’s boot camp.
  • Business Rx: This farming start-up seeks help cultivating advisors to help it grow – This week, a start-up that helps farmers in emerging economies find markets for their goods seeks advice on how to assemble an advisory board.– Dan Beyers
  • “Our goal is to set up the best channels for farmers to sell their produce and get paid. We created a model that allows us to build trust with a cluster of farmers who live close to each other and are farming the same crop. Our farmers are living in very rural areas, often without running water and electricity, but they have mobile phones. Once we build personal relationships with farmers, our model uses technology for efficient trade.
  • PCMag Startup Toolkit: February 2017 – Hello again, fair startup founders and daring entrepreneurs. We’re a full month into 2017 and, as always, PCMag has compiled a list of newly tested tech that can make an impact on your business. Whether you’re in the market for a better cloud storage and file sharing platform, a more portable (but still powerful) business PC, or new productivity applications to get more organized, we’ve got you covered. And that’s only a fraction of the products featured in this month’s startup toolkit, so read on!
  • Sold: Intel-backed Newark startup whose tech uses eyes to unlock devices – Newark-based Delta ID, which makes software capable of quickly identifying people using their iris, Wednesday agreed to sell itself to a Swedish technology company for $109 million, plus additional earnouts if certain revenue targets are met.  It’s a big win for the 15-person company, which started in 2011 and raised a little over $6 million in funding from Intel Capital. The acquisition is roughly 17 times the investment from Intel Capital that was disclosed in recent years.
  • Ag Tech Start-Up Investigates Conditions Inside Commercial Beehives – Ag tech start-up The Bee Corp. is causing quite a buzz as it begins to monitor conditions inside commercial beehives. The four founders, who are Indiana University alumni and a current student, plan to build and test sensors to better understand bee needs and behaviors. The team will also investigate how to reduce the substantial negative economic impact of the colony collapse disorder and how to enhance beehive health in the U.S. and around the world.


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