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This week we feature the interesting Startup from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam PIXA Studio.

PIXA Studio – An innovative a mobile studio

The PIXA STUDIO, a mobile studio established in early 2015, is a professional, creative, and reliable mobile company. PIXA focuses on mobile Apps for popular mobile platforms including Android, iOS.  The startup aims to outsource mobile application development and design based on client requirements.

For PIXA Studio, mobile game design takes on a creative role and the team has experience and create dynamic required for mobile game concept creation and development. The team feels “At PIXA STUDIO, we strongly believe in creative ideas can turn your passion into success. we always learning and experiences new concept to provide the best game quality. The company is always seeking for talent candidates and partners through our development. ”


Startup Bytes

PIXA Studio Contracts with Technology (Blockchain, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence)
Co-Founders: Paulus Loc, Tuong Hoang
Startup Focus: mobile (iOS,Android) application outsourcing
Future Plans: Grow and Become a 200 employees company 
Competitors: Agencies managing outsourcing service in Asia

Q&A: Interview with Ignacio Bermeo

How did you get started with the idea?

Paulus: Some of my friends want to build a startup or run a business. They want to make an application but don’t have a team. I reliaze that I can help them build a application with a suitable price. It’s good for me and them

The idea sounds interesting. Who are your main competitors?    

Paulus: A lot of agency in Asia is our competitors. But we believe that with reliable working style, we will provide a useful service for customers.

Who are the main customers of  PIXA STUDIO? 
Paulus: Some of  small-medium company want to make  a mobile application for their business, but they can’t find the right agency which can create application with cheap price and suitable price. PIXA STUDIO create to resolve this isssue.
My customer now focus on Singapore, Viet Nam and USA.

How do you plan to address practical challenges. For example, marketing and outreach is a challenge most startups face? Are there other challenges you plan to address?

Paulus: The problem we have to face is very few startup-business know our services. We decide to show up us and plan for some marketing work. I hope we can reach customers who live in over the world.

What are your plans to go global?  

Paulus: I do the most important work in company: training employees. When we have a team with international ability. After that I will show off the team on facebook ads and some blogs, forum. That’s all for this year.

Tell us about your business model. Where do you see yourselves in a year?

Paulus: We do outsourcing services for startup or business. We creative, design and coding to make applications for customer. We have done some projects for startups in Singapore. Now we are starting a project for one startup in USA. Working with customer from different nations is a good lesson for us. We get a lot of lesson and experience to run a business in a world which is flat.

About Pixa Studio

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