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Microsoft has launched Skype Lite, a new version of the video and voice-calling app designed for the Indian market. The download weighs in at 13MB, and the app is designed to work better on 2G or unstable connections, making it more reliable in many parts of India.

This move by Microsoft has been in the works for a while, but comes on the heels of Satya Nadella’s visit to India (link)

SkypeLite – Source Microsoft

Microsoft says Skype Lite will consume less battery power and run smoothly even on old Android phones, and there’s a mode that reduces data usage in video calls. The app works with SMS, too, and is available in nine languages.  Some of the key features highlighted by Microsoft inlcude:

  • Stay connected – Skype Lite is optimized for 2G and unstable network connections, so you can stay connected with friends and family.
  • Performance – Lightweight, battery-friendly and runs smoothly on new and old Android mobile devices.
  • Save money – Skype Lite also includes a reduced data usage mode for video calls. You can even find out exactly how much data you’re using with one tap.
  • Built for India – One app for all your Skype chats and SMS messages – you can even separate promotional SMS messages from the messages that matter most. Explore the world of Skype bots designed especially for India. Skype Lite is also available in Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu.

An article in The Verge goes on to add:

“Skype Lite comes as many tech giants are focusing their efforts on India, a potentially huge growth market. Among other initiatives, Google recently rolled out YouTube Go, an India-focused version of the video app that — like Skype Lite — concentrates on improving the experience in areas where reliable, fast connectivity isn’t a given. Apple, meanwhile, is set to start manufacturing iPhones in India soon.”

Skype Lite will also be a useful tool for small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs operating with limited resources, said Mohan K, editor of

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