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A Question from an online forum: Do you think the Indian government, like China, should protect Indian startups, like helping the e-commerce industry? Response by our editor, Mohan follows The question is too broad and open-ended, so let us examine what Government and government bodies are already doing to help […]

Should the Indian government protect Indian startups?

SEED , a new documentary released has an exclusive premiere event during SXSW on Sunday, March 11. It brings to life the extraordinary world of hackathons as it explores three start-ups from vastly different geographic and economic backgrounds who travel to San Francisco for AngelHack’s Silicon Valley Week, one of […]

SEED – New documentary brings to life the extraordinary world ...

A few weeks ago we ran a feature on Amazon’s growing significance in the digital world : What’s the big deal about $1 out of every $2 spent online in the US going to Amazon? Amazon is now making news by seeking permission from the Indian government to start New […]

Amazon Seeks Fresh Investment in India With New Grocery Service