Startup of the Week : Deekit

This week we feature an upcoming startup, Deekit, that wants to help anyone working remotely to simply visualise and share ideas.

Deekit  – collaborative online whiteboard.

Deekit is a collaborative canvas, a whiteboard where your team can draw, write, edit or add other content together in real-time. Tired of snapping photos from your physical whiteboard for sharing? We are too. We are also tired of not being able to edit stuff you put on a whiteboard and not being equally engaged when working remotely. Deekit is an unlimited space that sets you no limits, you can work on things together on any device no matter where you are.

Deekit wants to help anyone working remotely to simply visualise and share ideas. The result? A virtual whiteboard. “Conversations are not effective when it comes to complex problem solving, sharing knowledge or brainstorming around creative ideas,” says CEO Kaili Kleemeier.

Deekit team dinner (via Instagram)


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Startup Bytes: Deekit 

Co-founders: Kaili Kleemeier (Founder & CEO), Kristo Mägi (Founder & CTO), Erki Esken (Founder), Asko Tamm (Founder)
Startup Focus: Collaborative online whiteboard
Competitors:  Realtimeboard, Sketchboard, Mural
Startup stage and funding: Seed round – $541.63k

Q&A: Interview with Blake, Growth Marketer, Koh Phangan, Thailand

How did you get started with the idea?

Deekit was built by a group of former Skype engineers and managers who got tired of collaboration methods in product development today.
Remote teams need a way to collaborate visually, so Deekit is here to help. Calls aren’t enough on their own and neither is chat. There needs to be a way to convey ideas, gather resources (that aren’t in folders) and map products, businesses and flows.
Since it’s creation, Deekit has snowballed! We were a part of Techstars London Summer 2015 cohort, where we met amazing mentors and shaped Deekit into what it is today.

The idea sounds interesting. Who are your main competitors?

Our biggest competitors are RealtimeBoard, Mural and Sketchboard. What makes us different is we are built to work on any internet connection. We want to empower emerging markets and have been careful not to induce huge requirements on connections. Everything is streamlined to work from wherever you are.

Who are the main customers of Deekit? (Please describe the customer demographics and cities covered by Deekit)

We are primarily targeting developers. However, remote teams working in marketing, project management and design are finding uses for Deekit.

We’re definitely a startup with global reach. We have over 28,000 users all over the world and are growing pretty fast.

How do you plan to address practical challenges. For example, marketing and outreach is a challenge most startups face?

We invest our time into social media, email marketing, Google/social media ads. However, one of our main sources of users is the virality in the product. All it takes is one user to find out about Deekit and they invite their whole team. It’s a great model!

Tell us about your business model. Where do you see yourselves in a year?

Deekit is based on a Freemium model. We have a free plan which teams can use with 4 team members or less. They can create up to 4 boards and can still access a ton of functionality.

If users are in larger teams or looking to take things up a notch, they can check out the Standard Plan, which offers unlimited team members, unlimited boards, embeddable content from anywhere on the web and more.

In a year we will have grown our userbase considerably! We are expecting to at least triple in size over the coming twelve months (and that’s the minimum expectation).

– About Deekit

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