eBook: Blockchain Meets Supply Chain: Rewiring Business Operations for the Digital Age

Blockchain is among the top-25 startup trends identified by our researchers (link). Here is a recent announcement by Blockchain Research Firm Chain Business Insights that published an eBook: Blockchain Meets Supply Chain: Rewiring Business Operations for the Digital Age.

Chain Business Insights, an independent research firm focused on the application of blockchain for supply chain management and trade finance, has announced the launch of its membership services. It has also published its debut eBook titled Blockchain Meets Supply Chain: Rewiring Business Operations for the Digital Age.

“Proof of concepts are already underway to apply blockchain to supply chain management,” says Ken Cottrill, co-founder and research principal at Chain Business Insights. “IBM, Walmart and Maersk are among the organizations leading the way.”

“The financial services industry is well positioned to leverage blockchain – including for trade finance. Chain Business Insights believes there is huge potential to learn from these FSI experiences to solve similar problems in supply chain management, reshape global supply chains and enhance competitiveness of enterprises worldwide,” says Peter Harris, co-founder and research principal at Chain Business Insights.

Chain Business Insights enables supply chain professionals to keep abreast of these and other proof of concepts as they advance into pilot programs and eventually into production. The company provides in-depth analysis on where blockchain, supply chain and trade finance converge to improve business operations.

Blockchain Meets Supply Chain: Rewiring Business Operations for the Digital Age is a primer for those who want to learn about blockchain basics and potential applications in supply chain management. The eBook explains how blockchain can be used to improve efficiency and reduce fraud, support ethical and sustainable supply chains, facilitate trade transactions and comply with regulations. The eBook also discusses blockchain implementation challenges and strategy.

Right now, professionals in supply chain, trade finance or enterprise IT and blockchain technology can participate in Chain Business Insights’ survey Opportunities: Blockchain in Supply Chain. All participants will receive a summary of key results. The survey can be found here: http://www.chainbusinessinsights.com/blockchain-opportunities-in-supply-chain-survey.html.

Chain Business Insights is headed by four industry veterans with a combined 100-plus years of experience in supply chain, blockchain/enterprise IT, international trade, finance, fintech and marketing. The co-founders are:

·      Ken Cottrill has deep industry knowledge of supply chain management, logistics, and international trade. He has worked as a writer, editor, and communications leader with many organizations in Europe and the U.S. including the Economist Intelligence Unit, The Guardian, Harvard Business School Publishing and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and co-founded several publishing ventures. Ken gained experience as a logistics practitioner in the ocean shipping industry.

·      Sherree DeCovny’s experience includes dealing in physical commodities as well as various cash and derivatives products. Since 1991, she has been producing thought leadership content for financial firms, technology vendors, asset managers, trade associations, management consultants, research analysts, educational institutions and trade publications. Sherree has worked with top organizations such as Nasdaq, BNY Mellon and the CFA Institute. She is also a member of the Women’s Bond Club and the New York Financial Writers Association.

·      Peter Harris has worked with disruptive and transformative enterprise technologies for nearly 40 years. A former software architect and IT project manager at the London Stock Exchange, he has worked with IT leaders, such as Cisco Systems, IBM, Intel, Microsoft and SAP, to expose their technology to the global financial services space via thought leadership creation and leading B2B events.

·      Jen Massing Harris has more than two decades of public relations and marketing communications experience, beginning her public relations career at Spring O’Brien, serving as VP of PR & Marketing at the first financial cloud analytics and market data provider The Beast.com, and opening the New York City operation for Write Image (now Metia). Jen has worked  across many verticals, including fintech, mHealth and cyber security. She focuses on market positioning, new product launches, strategic partnerships and capital raising initiatives. [SD1]

Chain Business Insights is offering a discounted membership fee for a limited time only.

About Chain Business Insights: Austin-headquartered Chain Business Insights is the first company to provide research, analysis and business intelligence on blockchain technology specifically geared toward supply chain management and trade finance professionals. Target customers include supply chain managers at manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers; import/export agents; trade finance executives at banks and other financial services players; technology professionals; lawyers; regulators; management consultants; universities and others. By becoming a member, they can keep abreast of the latest developments and learn how blockchain can help promote efficiency, save costs and improve regulatory compliance. Visit www.chainbusinessinsights.com for more information.

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