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We have all heard the saying: there’s an app for everything; and the corollary – I wish there was an app for this. If you are a foodie in an urban area, foodfaves app is just the one you crave!


We all lead busy lives… and get hungry. How do you identify your craving, and where to satisfy it? FoodFaves can help.  Thumb through pictures of your favorite dishes, or faved pictures people share with you. Scroll through your favorite restaurants and menus. Or take the CraveQuiz and let FoodFaves suggest the perfect dish based on your personal preferences.

Not just a personal dining assistant, FoodFaves is Your “Personal Portal” to the Foodie Community.

Found that perfect meal or snack? Share them with your followers, while discovering delicious dishes and treats from others in the FoodFaves community.

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FoodFaves is a free mobile app that understands the power that food images have to fuel our hunger and drive our decisions as to where and what we eat. FoodFaves is a tool for foodies to discover great dishes and restaurants, and for restaurants to share their delectables and direct people to their establishments.

The team behind FoodFaves likes to think of their social app as “Instagram meets Grubhub, with a twist.” To get started, they’re launching the app in NYC. But stay tuned for them helping you turn your food porn browsing into your next meal wherever you live.

Hungry, but not sure what you want to eat? Want to let your food do the talking and bring more customers running to your restaurant’s tables? No problem. Download FoodFaves on the App Store or learn more about the app at

About: The company was founded in Sept. 2014 to develop a photo-intensive mobile application ‘all about food’- engaging consumers daily in a fun and addicting social media platform. Foodfaves will find your crave through a never-been-done algorithm, find you a restaurant, and people with whom you can share your food ‘faves’. The community of users are joined by restaurants seizing opportunity in targeted advertising at a low cost, the basis of our revenue model.

Headquarters:     Deer Park, New York
Company Size:     2-10 employees
Founded:     2014

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