July 2017 Startup Advice and Tips

Here is a roundup of Startup Advice and Tips for Entrepreneurs from recently published articles.

This is how you can deal with Startup Stress – Startups are hard. You’re expected to pull a miracle in record time with the least amount of money and resources available. To add to that, you’re in a hostile environment like Pakistan where processes take forever, clients don’t pay on time, and partners regularly fail to deliver on time and commitments. Yes, everything is stacked against you.

How I got my startup idea – The idea: YourDost, online platform for counselling and emotional wellness. Eureka moment: When she was at IIT Guwahati in 2008, the suicide of a batchmate upset Richa Singh. The classmate hadn’t been able to take the pressure. “The college had psychologists, but students were hesitant to get help,” she says. Singh decided to set up a platform to address this with her colleague Puneet Manuja.

How startup founders are compensating employees for lack of job security – To make up for the uncertainty and insecurity of life in a startup, founders often try to compensate employees in other ways, from helping them find accommodation to paying fees for courses. When Anuraj Poopathy set up DreamBig, a printing startup in 2015, the first thing he did after landing a customer was buy health insurance for his employees and their families.

So you want to join a startup? Laurence Smith, who switched from a corporate job to startups a few years ago, shares some advice for other HR professionals looking to do the same. “I want to get into startups”, “I want to join a startup”, and even “I want to do a startup” – as an HR leader that has left a high profile corporate job to join a startup, people often tell me they want to do the same. But rarely when I ask ‘why?’ does it turn out that they have actually thought it through. Here are a few words of advice if you or anyone you know is considering this radical move – as well as a few insights from my own journey and “re-adjustment”.

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