Startup shutdown: Music sharing site Lisn

Empirical data indicates that about 9 out of 10 startups fail within the first couple of years. Yesterday we looked at the saga of Virtual Reality startup AltspaceVR that announced it was shutting.

In a recent medium blog post, Abhinav Chhikara, Designer and co-founder of @LisnApp announced that the venture was shutting down too.

Lisn went from a hackathon ‘side-project’ to a full-time gig when friends – Abheyraj Singh, Vibhas Jain, Abhinav Chhikara, and Bhargav Sosale – realized its potential. The idea was rather simple: Music recommendation on mobile apps requires sending URL links and jumping between apps.  Lisn was designed for users to pick a song from Spotify or Soundcloud and send it to their friends.  The team claimed

“From launch to today, over 120,000 songs have been streamed by over 10,000 people. We’ve received highly encouraging messages, stories of how people are using Lisn, and countless bug reports and feature requests.”

Lisn was free to download on iOS and charged no subscription fee. It was also ad-free, focusing on great user experience. The plan was to think about making money after it built sufficient traction.

“The app spread via word of mouth in college campuses and offices. Friends used it to recommend music to each other, long distance couples used it to stay connected, and musicians used it to collaborate,” co-founder Chhikara was quoted saying.

Lisn may be dead, but as with any other venture, there were lots of lessons learnt. The blog post adds;

“Each of us learned a great deal at Lisn, but at the moment, our skills are better suited to make an impact elsewhere. But if ever in the future, any of us needs to build a product and the moment is right, we know who to turn to.”

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