Nasscom in India offers 10 million rupee grant for social innovations

Nasscom Foundation of the Indian IT industry apex body announced a Rs 10 lakh grant each for mentoring technology-based social innovations in five thematic areas. “The Nasscom Social Innovation Forum (NSIF) will award grants of 1 million rupee (10 lakh) each to winners of innovations in five areas of financial inclusion, healthcare, environment, education and accessibility,” the Foundation said in a statement here.

According to the NASSCOM :

The NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum is a ‘Tech 4 Good’ platform that aims to address critical gaps in development, through technology-led social innovations and solutions that can lead to transformational social impact across India.

NSIF is India’s largest technology for good platform that aims to, recognize and support technology led social innovations that fill critical gaps in key developmental areas such as Education, Healthcare, Disability and much more.

Instituted in 2008 the program the program has attracted more than 1,000 innovative projects from NGO’s, Social Enterprises and individual entrepreneurs. This is the program’s 10th successful year & we hope to engage with you to celebrate it!

What does Nasscom Social Innovation Forum (NSIF) do?

  • Drive the development and scaling of technology led solutions for inclusive development
  • Build capacities of social innovators to further scale and accelerate impact
  • Support impactful projects with critical funds through grants
  • Drive Industry led mentoring for select projects – For Profits & NPOs through a structured mentoring program
  • Build awareness of the use of technology for impact across India and garner high visibility for the NSIF platform as though leader & catalyst for transformational impact.


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