Failed Startup: Doppler Labs shuts down

There seems to be a trend of startups focused on high-end products shutting shop. Last week we saw news of Teforia, Iot enabled $1,000 tea-maker shutting down.  This was similar to another startup making high-end juicer, Juicero, running out of juice.

Image: Doppler Labs

Now comes news of Doppler Labs, a maker of “smart” high-end ear buds announcing it is shutting down.The announcement came as a blog post on its website:

Dear Customers,
….So what happened? To put it simply, over the past months, we took hundreds of meetings in an attempt to secure the necessary capital to continue running our business and build our next product – which would have been a true alternative to traditional hearing aids. However, we couldn’t find the needed capital to develop another complex hardware product.

We are deeply grateful that we were given the opportunity to take a shot at our mission. We want to thank all of our customers, fans, investors, partners, and colleagues – from DUBS, Here Active Listening, and Here One – who believed in us, shared their stories, and helped us make it as far as we did.

If you’d like to read more about our journey, from beginning to end, please take a look at this in-depth WIRED story and this post from KR Liu, our VP of Advocacy and Accessibility, which talks about what we’ve built and our legacy.


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