Where VC’S will invest in 2018: Blockchain, AI, Voice, Pets

Last week we featured an extensive review of top-10 technology trends for 2018. The list had the usual suspects driving Corporate Digitization, AI, Big Data, IoT, Drones, Voice activated UI and Bitcoins.

This week, the Wired magazine has an interesting writeup that looks at Where VCs will invest in 2018″   The article highlights how:

VENTURE CAPITAL ISN’T a monolith, but startup investors are compared to lemmings for a reason. Once a trend gets hot, every firm needs to make a play, or come up with a good excuse for missing out. (To be safe, if the firm does miss a trend, its partners should privately trash talk it to anyone who will listen.)

Investors continue to aggressively pour money into startups. As of the third quarter, US investors were on track to match or exceed 2016’s $69 billion in investments, according to the National Venture Capital Association and Pitchbook.

For startups, riding a trend such as artificial intelligence can be the difference between a hot round of funding and no investor interest. Founders have spent the last year throwing terms like blockchain, neural network, and machine learning into their pitch decks in hopes of attracting investment. Those trends show no signs of slowing in 2018. To those, we’ve added other themes that investors will be tracking in the new year.

  • Blockchain over bitcoin
  • Pop-up stores over parking lots
  • Actual AI businesses
  • Dollar Shave Club of everything
  • Voice
  • Paid media over digital advertising
  • And one outlier: Animal communication

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