Digital Startup news roundup – Week ending 7 Jan

Roundup of news and ideas from the world of startups – Week ending 7th Jan 2018

News you can use announces the release of the report “Top 10 technology trends to watch in 2018” – Digital-disruptors continued to reshape businesses and industries, a trend likely to accelerate in 2017. Digitization is a clear mandate for corporate executives and business leaders, and enterprises reimagine and reconstruct themselves to compete in the digital economy.The report will help CIOs and senior IT executives gain insights on the emerging technologies and help them navigate through this period of change. These predictions lay out myDigitalStartup’s vision for the ten most important trends that corporate executives must watch for. PDF copies of the report are available for FREE

Long Island Iced Tea Soars After Changing Its Name to Long Blockchain Many startups and tech companies are innovating in the space. However, given the hype a brand-marketers are also trying to leverage the ‘Blockchain’ hype. Take for instance the story of “Long Island Iced Tea” company whose shares soared after it changed its name to “Long Blockchain”

2018 will be the year chatbot conversations get real – As we enter 2018, it’s clear the expectations of intelligent assistance providers and enterprise practitioners are more in balance than ever before. It has also become evident that the number of “known knowns” is growing rapidly.Here are five examples of how we will learn more about the complex workings of conversational commerce  in the coming year.

Facebook Chooses Montreal, Canada, for Artificial Intelligence Lab Facebook will create an artificial intelligence research lab in Montréal, Canada. The company plans to hire about thirty scientists over time to do R&D in AI and in machine learning.“Greater Montréal is an AI hub. The city has the highest concentration of researchers in the world and it’s home to the largest and most distinguished group of deep learning researchers,” said Hubert Bolduc, President & CEO of Montréal International. “It’s really no surprise to see Facebook joining the other global giants in Montréal’s ecosystem.”

Corporate M&A

Apple acquires Canadian startup to help developers build iPhone apps – Apple has acquired a Canadian software startup named Buddybuild in its efforts to woo app developers. Buddybuild was founded in 2015 and according its LinkedIn page, has about 40 employees.

Microsoft, Google invest in precision medicine startup DNAnexusCompany will use the $58 million round of financing to advance its cloud-based platform for genomics and biomedical datasets.

Baidu, BlackBerry team to develop self-driving tech – BlackBerry Limited and Baidu, Inc. announced that the two companies will collaborate to accelerate the deployment of connected and autonomous vehicle technology for automotive OEMs and suppliers worldwide.


Startup shut and failed last week

Otto, the San Mateo-based smart lock startup, suspends operations – Just four months after unveiling its $699 digital door lock in August, San Mateo-based smart lock startup Otto announced on Tuesday it is suspending its operations.Otto CEO Sam Jadallah said the decision to suspend his company’s operations came last month, after an unidentified public company backed away from acquiring Otto at the last minute, according to a lengthy post written by Jadallah on the tech-centric blog HackerNoon.

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