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A few weeks ago, we ran a feature with top technology trends for 2018 (link to free report). In that report, we took a broader view of the tech landscape. The Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2018) has just started with a bang in Las Vegas and manufacturers, startups and entrepreneurs are vying to showcase consumer technologies that will shape our engagement with gadgets this year.

Among the top trends include 5G, artificial intelligence (AI) enabled gadgets, humanoid and companion robots, virtual and mixed reality and other technologies likely to bring us closer to smart cities. The major themes include:

  • Entertainment & Content – Gaming, Music, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality including technologies enabling Marketing & Advertising
  • Automotive – Self-Driving Cars and Vehicle Technology
  • Health & Wellness – technologies enabling Accessibility, Digital Health, Fitness & Wearables
  • Internet of Things (IoT) – Smart Cities, Smart Energy
  • Product Design & Manufacturing – 3D Printing, Design, Sourcing & Packaging
  • Robotics & Machine Intelligence – Artificial Intelligence (AI), Drones, Robotics. AI continues to be a pervasive tech trend. Gadgets combining these technologies including smart speakers like the Amazon Echo with the Alexa voice recognition service also are in show. Same goes for improvements in face recognition and other biometric technologies.

CES 2018 is expected to be a Las Vegas style spectacle – has a bit of everything from product launches and conference programming to business meetings and an opportunity to explore the exhibits on the show floor.

Check out CES 2018 Live: Latest news, updates and highlights from Las Vegas:

One of the first big names out of the gate at this year’s CES is Panasonic. It has unveiled its highly anticipated follow-up to last year’s excellent Panasonic EZ1000 OLED TVs – and our Home Technology Editor, Ced Yuen, reckons the Japanese firm’s new FZ950 and FZ800 sets are the “closest thing to Hollywood in your home.”

  • Also off to a flying start at this year’s show is Nvidia, who announced that it will start producing mammoth 65-inch Big Format Gaming Displays, or BFGDs for short
  • Google at CES 2018 – Even though it’s yet to send out invitations to an event, Google has revealed that it will be at CES 2018. The firm has booked a large booth in the centre of the venue and eight hospitality suites at the Aria Resort and Casino – but we don’t know what it’s planning to show off.
  • Dell at CES 2018 – Dell has been fairly quiet about its CES plans this year, but we got a big taste of what’s to expect in Vegas on January 4, when the company revealed its new XPS 13 (2018) laptop.


CES 2018 Dates: The dates of CES 2018 are January 9-12, with media-only events also scheduled for January 7 and January 8.

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