At #CSE2018, Energous announces first WattUp-enabled consumer products

The Consumer Electronics Show (#CSE2018) in Las Vegas is generating a lot of buzz in the media.

Energous Corporation (NASDAQ: WATT), the developer of WattUp®, a revolutionary wire-free, power-at-a-distance charging technology, today announced that consumers can now pre-order WattUp-enabled products with Myant SKIIN smart everyday apparel, the first truly digital second skin, that allows users to measure and track their health vitals. In addition, Energous is demonstrating WattUp technology usage in hearing aids from Delight and SK Telesys.

SKIIN products, which enable users to accurately measure and track key health vitals, will be sold with the WattUp receiver technology embedded into the smart sensor and a WattUp Near Field transmitter in-box, making it easy for consumers to remove and charge the embedded sensor wirelessly. The WattUp receiver technology inside the sensors will also support charging at-a-distance from future WattUp Mid Field and Far Field transmitters-– the only wireless charging technology today that can make this claim.

“We are paving the way for Wireless Charging 2.0, the next-generation wireless charging ecosystem where consumers can charge their devices both at contact and at-a-distance,” said Stephen R. Rizzone, president and CEO of Energous. “At CES, we will be showcasing the first fully commercialized, WattUp enabled Near Field products to be made available to consumers in the coming months. Also on display will be the unique WattUp ecosystem featuring the full spectrum of charging capabilities from fast-charging Near Field, to the recently FCC-certified, true at-a-distance, wireless charging. The state of wireless charging in 2018 looks incredibly bright for consumers, with Energous leading the way.”

“We created a transformational ambient interface through our SKIIN products. They provide bi-directional access to the human body for the purpose of connecting us to our loved ones and ourselves through IoT,” said Tony Chahine, CEO and Founder of Myant. “It is important to me that advancements in innovation reach everyone, including the elderly, the sick and children. The seemingly simple action of plugging, unplugging and manually charging could alone be the very thing that will inhibit a user from benefiting from technology. This why we chose to integrate the Energous’ WattUp wireless charging.”

Energous and Dialog Unveil New Industry-First Integrated Circuit (IC) Solutions

Energous and chipset manufacturing partner, Dialog Semiconductor, are also announcing and showcasing new WattUp chipsets at CES 2018 that will bring WattUp Mid Field wireless charging to partners and the market as a whole. The two have already successfully launched and delivered to customers the world’s first WattUp wireless power transmitter System-on-Chip (SoC), DA4100, alongside the first WattUp RF-to-DC receiver ICs, DA2200 and DA2210.  These chips not only enable RF-based, Near Field wireless charging, but are also fundamental to the now certified WattUp Mid Field power-at-a-distance wireless charging system. As a result, Dialog is accelerating the next phase in WattUp chipset qualification by adding new industry-first critical Beamforming IC, DA1210 and the Power Amplifier (PA) IC. Energous has also updated the fully integrated Transmitter IC, DA4100, and the DA2210 to support the 900MHz frequency band, which together complete the WattUp Near Field and the recently FCC-certified power-at-a-distance WattUp Mid Field wireless charging systems.


Energous Demonstrates Latest WattUp Technology

The company, which just received the first FCC certification for power-at-a-distance wireless charging under Part 18 of the FCC’s rules, will be demonstrating its very latest WattUp technology at CES 2018. This recent development represents a new era of wireless charging and opens up a tremendous opportunity for the electronics industry.

Additionally, Energous will be demonstrating a new hearing aid design from Delight and SK Telesys, showcasing the ability to charge hearing aids simply by placing them on a charging pad. The product from Delight is expected to be available in summer 2018 in Asia and the second half of 2018 in the U.S.

Energous will be taking private meetings and demos at the Venetian, alongside Dialog, on an appointment-only basis, at CES 2018, the world’s largest consumer electronics show, January 9-12 in Las Vegas, NV.

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