shuts down

New York based startup that attempted to anonymously crowdsource salary details from NYC startups and hiring experts announced that it is shutting down. The idea was rather interesting. About a week after signing up, users start receiving personalized salary and seniority level estimates from startups and experts.

The founders posted on its website


Unfortunately, we have decided to shut down as you know it.

We accomplished a lot — unprecedented engagement, the most accurate automated professional to company matching, and the most impressive group of software engineers and PMs on any platform in the industry.

Our hope has always been to create the largest data set of salary criteria to help professionals and employers make sense of what has always been opaque. But ultimately we failed to scale the # of users and employers. Mitch, Jennifer and I have bootstrapped the business from inception and we decided it’s time to move on.

We want to thank you for joining us in the first place, engaging with our content, and in many cases providing terrific feedback that made us smarter.

We still endeavor to take some of our learnings to help you in your careers. With that, we want to hold on to your email address so we can provide you with some very personalized content in the future. You can unsubscribe to this email to opt out.

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