RIP: Startup shutdown in January 2018

Here is a list of the prominent Startups that failed in January 2018

  • Startup Mapzen loses its Zen, announces shutdown– However, Mapping continues to be very hot space. The Mapzen team added ‘Fortunately, the core products of Mapzen are built entirely on open software and data. As a result, there are options to run Mapzen services yourself or to switch to other service providers.’
  • shuts down New York based startup that attempted to anonymously crowdsource salary details from NYC startups and hiring experts announced that it is shutting down. The idea was rather interesting. About a week after signing up, users start receiving personalized salary and seniority level estimates from startups and experts.
  • The startup, Memo.AI announced that it is shutting down service, while Coinbase opted to acqui-hires its technical team management tool. The startup was trying to develop an innovative note-taking tool to help technical teams with their knowledge management activities. The idea was rather simple: technical teams, knowledge workers are technically literate and use lots of software to get their job done in a fast-paced ever-changing world. The software is designed to use machine intelligence to optimize user workflows.

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