Social media startup for Home Cooking, Josephine, Shuts Down 2

The social media enabled startup that tried to crowdsource home cooking by providing individuals to sell their own food announced a shutdown.

Charley Wang, the “chief empathy officer” of Josephine announced this in a Medium blog post adding that the last date for meals will be Friday, March 30th 2018:

We knew that Josephine was an ambitious idea from day one and, as you all know, there have been many highs and lows over the years. At this point, our team has simply run out of the resources to continue to drive the legislative change, business innovation, and broader cultural shift needed to build Josephine.

To those of you just getting acquainted with Josephine, we’re sorry we didn’t have more time together. To those of you who have been with us for the long haul, thank you for sticking with us through all the ups and downs, for believing in this community, and for sharing our vision. Thank you for your incredibly delicious meals, your heartfelt customer reviews, your emails filled with ideas of how to make Josephine bigger and better. This is what’s kept us going — knowing you were with us.

Despite having fallen short of our aspirations for Josephine the business, we still have unwavering conviction in the momentum of this movement. The mission of Josephine has been more than just supplementing incomes or simplifying family dinners. Our mission has always been to serve and to empower each other, and to that end we hope that the impact of Josephine will transcend the timeline of our business.

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