The reality of AI and jobs: Somewhere between utopia and dystopia

Artificial intelligence has fascinated technologists and science fiction writers for decades, but the business world seems to be getting serious about its disruptive potential. Technologies including Deep Blue from IBM, DeepMind from Google or Microsoft’s Chatbots are going beyond press-mentions, and beginning to demonstrate value in solving real world problems.

Not surprisingly, there is a lot of hype over “Huge Salaries for ‘scarce’ A.I. Talent” (ref article)

Some of the hype is being triggered by tech writers who highlight how tech giants are paying “Huge Salaries” for AI Talent and how

  • In the entire world, fewer than 10,000 people have the skills necessary to tackle serious artificial intelligence research
  • At the top end are executives with experience managing A.I. projects. Anthony Levandowski, a longtime employee who started with Google in 2007, took home over $120 million in incentives before joining Uber last year.
  • Typical A.I. specialists, including both Ph.D.s fresh out of school and people with less education and just a few years of experience, can be paid from $300,000 to $500,000 a year or more in salary and company stock

Image: iStockphoto/PhonlamaiPhoto (3d rendering android robot thinking in office)

A recent feature in TechRepublic  takes a more pragmatic view, highlighting how

The actual impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the world’s economy and jobs will likely be somewhere between the utopian and dystopian futures that it is often discussed in terms of, according to a new report from the Economist Intelligence Unit.

The report, commissioned by Google, examined how AI will impact certain industries in the US, the UK, Australia, Japan, and Asia as a whole. The findings are based on econometric modelling, desk research, and interviews with academic and industry experts.

The article highlights key points from the report “IT leader’s guide to the future of artificial intelligence”


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