RIP: Startup shutdown in Feb 2018

Startups that failed in February 2018

iDAvatars winds down operations –  iDAvatars, a  startup that develops software for users to interact with virtual assistants has begun the process of shutting down operations after losing a key customer, the founder and CEO Norrie Daroga said Monday.The company was trying to create interactive mobile technology based on digital avatars with an ‘IQ’ to help connect people and share information. The technology recognized that people also take decisions based on EQ – an emotional intelligence – that allows them to respond to the human condition, interacting with users with empathy and humanity.

Another food-tech startup bites the dust: Indie Plate shuts down – This week, Indie Plate, the Baton Rouge, LA based meal subscription startup announced in an email to customers that it was shutting. The website, however just says it is “currently at CAPACITY for orders this week!”

Seattle-based startup Sansaire Announces It Is Shutting Down – Sansaire raised nearly $257,000 via a crowdfunded appeal in 2016. On Wednesday it announced that it would shut down operations and end production.  According to data from Kickstarter, 1,314 backers pledged $256,804 to help bring Sansaire’s project to life. The backers will likely lose all their ‘investment’.

Pet Care Startup Baroo Shuts Down–  This week, Baroo, a Boston-based pet care startup, announced it was shutting down operations. Based in Boston, Baroo had over 100-person staff, including 100 part-time pet handlers who provide building residents with $20 dog walks, $70-a-night pet-sitting, and grooming services that run  as high as $600. Founded in 2015, Baroo had raised $3.5 million in funding.

Social media startup for Home Cooking, Josephine, Shuts Down – Charley Wang, the “chief empathy officer” of Josephine announced this in a Medium blog post adding that the last date for meals will be Friday, March 30th 2018

Social media startup for Home Cooking, Josephine, Shuts Down



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