Typecast.com, startup behind typography shutting down

Typecast.com, a browser-based app aimed to ”take the pain out of designing typography for the web” announced in a tweet that it is shutting down

In October 2012 the company launched its public beta, and were acquired by Monotype. Typecast became a commercial product in 2013. According the to founders, the idea behind Typecast.com was based on the premise that the future of web design is a collection of small, niche tools. Typecast fulfilled a need: a browser-based app that takes the pain out of designing typography for the web.

Before we started this tool, we were Front – a web strategy and design agency in Northern Ireland with 12 years’ experience. In late 2010, using conventional tools to design websites bit us in the backside. At the close of one project, the very detailed and refined comps we’d shown the client didn’t look the same when viewed in the browser. It wasn’t the end of the world, but they weren’t pleased either.

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