VR startup Upload shuts down

The Virtual Reality startup, Upload, is shutting down both its San Francisco office and its Los Angeles co-working space as it struggles to secure new funding.

Upload was rocked by sexual harassment lawsuit, and reports of ‘toxic work culture’ at the startup, which made it hard for it to raise additional funding. According to a New York Times article a few months ago

At Upload, the parties never seemed to stop.
The start-up began by hosting impromptu gatherings to promote virtual reality as the next big thing. It quickly became an entertainment and news hub for the VR industry, hosting hundreds of events. The crowds were young and eager to network. Models did demos, and the liquor flowed.
The freewheeling atmosphere was not restricted to the evening hours. There was a “rampant sexual behavior and focus” in the Upload office that created “an unbearable environment,” a former employee, Elizabeth Scott, said in a lawsuit filed in May.

Image Source: Techcrunch

According to techcrunch article reporting the startup shutdown,

Despite few of their company’s previous investors wanting to have anything to do with them, the co-founders have managed to keep things afloat thanks to personal investments from a close friend of theirs, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey.

“Nobody else will touch them but the Nazi sympathizer,” a former Upload executive told TechCrunch.

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