The adoption of Artificial Intelligence based tools and techniques are helping business leaders indicatively transform industry verticals where repetitive decision making based on past-patterns is the key to success.  Retailers like Sephora are leveraging AR and AI to help customers choose cosmetics; AI enabled supercomputers are helping alleviate Urban Traffic […]

High Speed Trading and Artificial Intelligence

On this blog, we periodically review opportunities for startups. One such opportunity is to find innovative, low-cost ways to port Apps from Android to iOS (and the other way around). A while ago, we reviewed opportunities in the  Smartphone race to the bottom:  Startups are leveraging the outsourced manufacturing facilities […]

Android vs iOS : Opportunity for startups to port Apps

On this blog, we frequently review startup stories and reason for their success and failures. A list of recent startup failures from our blog  A recent infographic from CBSInsights highlights some of the key reasons why startups fail. They highlight “After reading through every single of the 101 postmortems, we’ve […]

Top reasons why startups fail

Research on startups indicates that a large number of them fail at an early stage: By some accounts, nearly 9 out of 10 startups fail. And even the startups that succeed generally find an ‘exit strategy’ in the first few years of their existence. Many founders aspire to be ‘discovered’ […]

5 Tips for Employees and founders: Moving on on ...

Entrepreneurs and startup founders generally dream of growing ‘big’ or being discovered by large enterprises that might want their ideas or acquire them. An interesting article by Alex Goryachev in addresses just this topic with some practical insights Technology startups want to partner with large, established companies and industry […]

Here is how Startups and Enterprises Can Work Together

A few days ago, I reviewed a Digital Wallets and their aggressive cashback programs. The article included  picture of a banner advert at a Reliance retail store where MobiKwik claimed “Save 15%” I decided to test out the claim for myself and this is how it went: I downloaded the […]

Read the fine print: Don’t fall for SuperCash ‘cashback’ deals!

Millions of clients and freelancers are converging on online task sites like Upwork (previously oDesk),  Toptal, Elance, Craigslist, Guru, TaskRabbit, Fivrr and other portals. With greater awareness of the portals, there is also increasing competition from bidders and freelancers seeking work. Even the popular professional social media site Linkedin has […]

5 Tips for freelancers to succeed on bidding on Tasks

We have emphasized the need for startup founders to and entrepreneurs to focus on the basics of business, and think like a small-business. Here is yet another insightful article on this topic. Since the first day I started running my business, I knew that it was very important to learn […]

Startup advice – 9 Tips in Business Negotiation

Even after years of service, video marketing continues to be a great method of promoting products and services, especially for start-ups which are just getting their marketing campaigns started. However, there’s a disadvantage to video marketing, which is that you are trying to reach an audience in an ecosystem that […]

Startup Advice: Methods of Increasing your Video Engagement as a ...

We have come a long way since the early days of Apple’s Siri when voice activated systems were a novelty. Voice activated user interfaces continue to make great strides and a number of startups are innovating in this space. (link to article) Voice activated digital assistants are also finding innovative […]

Review: Amazon’s All-new Echo (2nd Generation)