Evolution of Blockchain technologies continues to be closely watched by tech analysts and consultants. Our researchers featured these among the ‘top 10 technology trends for 2018. Here is a guest post that examines cryptocurrencies. From around January last year, the world woke up to cryptocurrencies. The media was reporting 24/7 […]

Digital Currency 101: All Your Startup Needs To Know About ...

A recent cover story in TechRepublic, writer Alison DeNisco Rayome examines how beauty retailer Sephora followed customer technology trends to command the cosmetic industry worldwide, and got an inside look at the company’s successful digital transformation. From the story: In San Francisco’s Dogpatch district, a research laboratory explores new products […]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) case study: How Sephora is leveraging AR ...

Artificial intelligence and facial recognition technologies are advancing at a fast pace. A.I tools and technologies are increasingly used in industrial and national security settings. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection recently announced that it was piloting the facial recognition biometric technology at a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoint at […]

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Large tech giants and the tech oligopoly  are realizing that they need to move beyond their core userbase in the west to grow and thrive. Google has been pushing hard on its attempt at reaching the next billion internet users in Southeast Asia. Facebook, in turn, recently took out an […]

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On, we continue to post tips and ideas for startups, and perhaps the most relevant lesson from all entrepreneurs is simple: founders need to think of their startup as a small business. A couple of recent articles highlight what NOT to do when the startup or business model goes […]

Tip – Startups are small-businesses, and liable for their commitments

Technologists and business leaders are watching for innovative Internet of Things (IoT) applications in wearables, smartphones, smart meters, vehicles, factories, machines and other places where imagination takes us. IoT holds a lot of promise in machine-to-machine communication and use of ‘smart’ devices. Our Editor, Mohan, examined the IoT trends in […]

Startup idea: Develop Internet of Things (IoT) on Mozilla

Artificial intelligence has fascinated technologists and science fiction writers for decades, but the business world seems to be getting serious about its disruptive potential. Technologies including Deep Blue from IBM, DeepMind from Google or Microsoft’s Chatbots are going beyond press-mentions, and beginning to demonstrate value in solving real world problems. […]

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Interesting story focuses on 28-year-old Ryan Grant, a young entrepreneur who has figured out Business 101: Buy low, Sell High. Ryan has figured out how to make millions by looking for items in clearance aisle at local Walmart or Target other stores and selling them on Amazon.  According to an […]

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With STEM workers earning an average annual wage of $87,570, nearly double the average of $45,700 for all non-STEM jobs, the personal-finance website WalletHub followed up on its Best Places to Find a Job report with an in-depth analysis of 2018’s Best & Worst Metro Areas for STEM Professionals. To determine the best […]

2018’s Best & Worst Metro Areas for STEM Professionals