An on-demand shipping startup Shyp, that was valued at over $250 million in 2015 announced it is shutting down. According to techcrunch “The company raised $50 million in a deal led by John Doerr at Kleiner Perkins back in 2015, one of his last huge checks as a variety of […]

Shipping startup Shyp is shutting down

VR/AR startup Lytro announces it is shutting down – Lytro, the startup innovating in photography in Augmented/Virtual Reality segment announced a shut down. Hyped-Up Litecoin Payment Startup LitePay Abruptly Shuts Down – Litecoin dropped over 10 percent following announcement, prompting Litecoin founder and Litecoin Foundation to issue apologies Venture funded […]

RIP: Startup shutdown in March 2018

Lytro, the startup innovating in photography in Augmented/Virtual Reality segment announced that it is shutting down. The team posted a blog stating “Starting today we will not be taking on new productions or providing professional services as we prepare to wind down the company. We’re excited to see what new […]

VR/AR startup Lytro announces it is shutting down

The Bengaluru-based, MonkeyBox, that was trying to innovate in nutritious meal delivery for School kids announced it is shutting down. The co-founders Sanjay and Sandeep announced the shutdown on its website Unfortunately we are at a point where we will not be able to fulfill our promise of delivering healthy and nutritious […]

Venture funded startup, MonkeyBox shuts down

The Virtual Reality startup, Upload, is shutting down both its San Francisco office and its Los Angeles co-working space as it struggles to secure new funding. Upload was rocked by sexual harassment lawsuit, and reports of ‘toxic work culture’ at the startup, which made it hard for it to raise additional […]

VR startup Upload shuts down

There are different reasons why startups succeed and fail. Many startups get acquired and begin to enhance the value of the acquiring firm.  A couple of years ago, the footwear and accessories retailer DSW announced it was acquiring Ebuys  for $62.5 million to enhance its eCommerce capabilities. On Tuesday, the retailer […]

DSW abandons and liquidates Ebuys, a browser-based app aimed to ”take the pain out of designing typography for the web” announced in a tweet that it is shutting down As of January 1, 2018, Typecast is no longer supported. This Twitter account will be closed on March 19. Please follow @Monotype for information on […], startup behind typography shutting down

Ride sharing and ride-hailing services have revolutionized travel for millions of people and upended the business model of existing Taxi services. While the market is dominated by big names like like Uber and Lyft in North America and others like Ola in India, smaller players are also trying to carve […]

Ride-hailing startup Fasten announced shutdown

Startups that failed in February 2018 iDAvatars winds down operations –  iDAvatars, a  startup that develops software for users to interact with virtual assistants has begun the process of shutting down operations after losing a key customer, the founder and CEO Norrie Daroga said Monday.The company was trying to create […]

RIP: Startup shutdown in Feb 2018

On this blog, we frequently review startup stories and reason for their success and failures. A list of recent startup failures from our blog  A recent infographic from CBSInsights highlights some of the key reasons why startups fail. They highlight “After reading through every single of the 101 postmortems, we’ve […]

Top reasons why startups fail