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Technologists and business leaders are watching for innovative Internet of Things (IoT) applications in wearables, smartphones, smart meters, vehicles, factories, machines and other places where imagination takes us. IoT holds a lot of promise in machine-to-machine communication and use of ‘smart’ devices. Our Editor, Mohan, examined the IoT trends in […]

Startup idea: Develop Internet of Things (IoT) on Mozilla

Those of us working in the tech industry may sometimes forget that older people exist since most tech workers are really young, asserts a recent New York Times article (link). Not surprisingly, much of the  consumer technology is designed for young people. However, this is likely to shift with the […]

Startup ideas: Digital Technologies helping elders and seniors

The new metro-rail system in the hi-tech city of Bengaluru besieged by traffic problems is gaining popularity. The network, called ‘Namma Metro,’ with a total length of 42.3 kilometers has an average daily ridership of 315,000 passengers. The challenge for metro users, especially those living in the suburbs is the […]

Green digital startup idea – e-Rickshaws for Bengaluru?

Technology Foresight for dummies : Step 1: Take an AC-bus from Electronic city to anywhere in Bengaluru. Step 2: Keep an eye out for Adverts on Seat in front of you. Step 3: Be a fast-follower. Start a Startup or consulting firm. Learn the basics. Hire guys who know THAT […]

Question: How do you know if a technology is hot?

Adoption of voice recognition and voice activated technologies have been advancing at a fast pace and some researchers suggest that Voice Activated UI technologies could be the holy grail of intuitive User Interface. Voice based applications in the corporate world are making great strides. Widespread adoption of Interactive voice response […]

Opportunity for startups: Amazon and Google Consider Turning Smart Speakers ...

A press release on an interesting idea that brings “Sharing Economy” to India – Editor,   Home Exchanging comes to India – Make friends while traveling the world without spending on Accommodation.   TripVillas and HomeExchange have partnered to introduce a new travel concept in India – one that […]

Sharing Economy. Home Exchanging comes to India

Now, this is an innovative idea that startups can certainly use! We are bound to see a slew of products and services that leverage voice based Artificial Intelligence technologies! – Editor, myDigitalStartup Image: Amazon wants Alexa in as many products as possible, so it’s partnering with Intel to make […]

Intel and Amazon are making it easier for anyone to ...

Google DeepMind, a subsidiary of Alphabet that’s focused on making fundamental progress toward general artificial intelligence, is releasing a new 3-D virtual world today, making it available for other researchers to experiment with and modify however they wish. The new platform, called DeepMind Lab, resembles a blockish 3-D first-person shooter […]

Google DeepMind: A 3-D World for Smarter AI Agents