Roundup of news and ideas from the world of startups – Week ending 24th December News you can use MyDigitalStartup.org announces the release of the report “Top 10 technology trends to watch in 2018” – Digital-disruptors continued to reshape businesses and industries, a trend likely to accelerate in 2017. Digitization […]

Digital Startup news roundup – Week ending 24th December

This week,  the user-generated video hosting service, Vid.me  announced it was shutting down. Vidme confirmed it was shutting down because it can’t see a way to make money in the face of internet giants Google and Facebook. The company said that new signups and uploads to the Vidme site and […]

Video hosting service, Vid.me shuts down

Facebook announced a “Community Boost,” (link) program to help US small businesses grow and to equip more people with the digital skills they need to compete in the new economy. Facebook Community Boost will visit 30 US cities in 2018, including Houston, St. Louis, Albuquerque, Des Moines and Greenville, South […]

Facebook to launch Digital Training, Startup Training Hubs

Here is a recent newspaper advert: The Advert tagline read: “Due to some family disputes, India Life Start Showroom Closed” This is surely a marketing ploy to either garner sympathy for the businessman or to highlight how customers can benefit from that family’s misery.  However, there may be a grain […]

Do Family Disputes lead to more startup and small-business shutdowns?

Startup News roundup for Week ending 22nd October News you can use Top 5 Cashback programs for eCommerce shoppers in India – Review of Indian Cashback , Discount and Coupon sites. Apple eyes the Indian Digital Payments segment with its market ready Apple Pay option – Cupertino based tech giant […]

Digital Startup news roundup – Week ending 22 October

Every few years we come across a technology that has begun to graduate from a buzz-word by solving real-world problems. Earlier this year we ranked trends in Artificial Intelligence (AI) among the “Top 25 Digital Startup ideas and technologies for 2017.”  The potential for artificial intelligence has been imagined by […]

Advances in AI continue to polarize techies and business ...

Automation and use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to solve repetitive, mundane tasks is the holy grail of computing. This is a trend that software companies, startups and entrepreneurs continue to pay close attention to. In its recently held 36th annual general meeting in Bangalore, Infosys announced (link) that more than […]

Question on Ethics of automation and AI

Tech guru and columnist has written his final column this week’s Recode “Mossberg: The Disappearing Computer” Like many fellow digerati, I was a big fan of Mossberg’s insightful, concise and prescient columns that touched on consumer technology and the business of technology. He spent a number of years writing his […]

Walt Mossberg’s Final column

Detroit tech startup WaitTime partners with Jordan Avakian Group – A Chicago-based consultant group has partnered with Detroit-based WaitTime LLC, the tech startup announced Tuesday. Jordan Avakian Group, co-founded by Jeffrey Michael Jordan and Sevan Avakian, has acquired private equity in WaitTime for an undisclosed amount. WaitTime uses artificial intelligence […]

Digital Startups – Weekly News roundup 26th March

A lot of entrepreneurs are trying to get into emoji business, inspired by news like “Emoji marketing startup Inmoji raises another $1.5M” and “China startup Kika scores $30.6 million for emoji keyboard” To explore the growing role emojis play in our lives, artsy emoji distribution and monetization platform MojiLaLa ran the […]

Do you have an idea for an emoji startup? Check ...