On, we continue to post tips and ideas for startups, and perhaps the most relevant lesson from all entrepreneurs is simple: founders need to think of their startup as a small business. A couple of recent articles highlight what NOT to do when the startup or business model goes […]

Tip – Startups are small-businesses, and liable for their commitments seems to be going gung-ho in trying to attract Indian customers to their Pantry and eCommerce offerings, trying to ward off Flipcart and other Indian ecommerce startups gaining a foothold. As of November 2016, Amazon is not just pushing eCommerce and online shopping but cashing-in on the public sentiment […]

eCommerce Review : Amazon Pantry, eCommerce payment in India

Startup and Venture Investors generally ponder big questions including:  What is your one investment that you think will pay off big time?\ (Image: LinkedIn) Here is a response from Anurag Bhatia, Hedge fund manager I invested in a startup at the napkin stage itself. I never, never do this […]

Q&A with Startup investor: What is your one investment that ...