Startup News roundup for Week ending 19th November News you can use LinkedIn Startups: The 50 industry disruptors you need to know now – Daniel Roth, Editor in Chief of LinkedIn recently published a review of some of the most iconic ‘startups’ of our time (link). He introduces the topic […]

Digital Startup news roundup – Week ending 19th November

We sometimes review stories of failed startups. Now comes news of TechShop,  a chain of membership-based, open-access, do-it-yourself (DIY) workshops and fabrication studios shutting down. TechShop Trusteed posted on their blog: “As of Nov 15th, 2017, TechShop is closed.This document serves as a brief company history.” CEO Dan Woods added: […]

TechShop DIY Incubators shut shop

Startup News roundup for Week ending 13th November News you can use New Report: Smart Cities will thrive with National Policy Support – New technologies have created the opportunity to build smart cities capable of collecting and analyzing vast quantities of data to automate processes, improve service quality, and make […]

Digital Startup news roundup – Week ending 13th November

Startup News roundup for Week ending 29nd October News you can use Where are startups are hiring the most? Its all outside Silicon Valley – A recent Linkedin Premium report highlights how startups outside of Silicon Valley, Bay Area are hiring the most people. Dubai’s GINCO, TechStars establish start-up accelerator […]

Digital Startup news roundup – Week ending 5th November

There seems to be a trend of startups focused on high-end products shutting shop. Last week we saw news of Teforia, Iot enabled $1,000 tea-maker shutting down.  This was similar to another startup making high-end juicer, Juicero, running out of juice. Now comes news of Doppler Labs, a maker of […]

Failed Startup: Doppler Labs shuts down

Startups that failed in October 2017: WHY DO STARTUPS FAIL? BECAUSE HARDWARE IS HARD – Wired – FEW VENTURE-CAPITAL INVESTORS have forgotten the story of Pebble: In 2012, after every VC firm on Sand Hill Road had passed on investing, the smartwatch startup raised more than $10 million on crowdfunding […]

Failed ventures October 2017 : RIP Startups that didn’t make ...

We recently ran a feature about Juicero, a Silicon Valley juicer startup that raised $120m from investors. The venture was widely ridiculed after the $400 machines were revealed to be the equivalent of two hands squeezing a juice box, and shut operations. This week came news that Teforia, maker of […]

Failed Startup: Teforia, Internet of Things enabled tea-maker shuts down.

We have emphasized the need for startup founders to and entrepreneurs to focus on the basics of business, and think like a small-business. Here is yet another insightful article on this topic. Since the first day I started running my business, I knew that it was very important to learn […]

Startup advice – 9 Tips in Business Negotiation

Earlier this year the media and digerati are debating the merits and pitfalls of the case against the CEO of the online homestay and alternate-stay aggregator Stayzilla that declared it was shutting down. The story began to unfold on Feb 23 2017 when the CEO Yogendra (Yogi) Vasupal took to […]

Startup in news for wrong reason: co-founder arrested for cheating

Startup News roundup for Week ending 29nd October News you can use  Catch them young! Amazon offers $250,000 prize fund for Alexa skills aimed at kids – Do you have an idea for a cool App using Alexa for kids? Then this competition is for you! Review of online Pharmacies […]

Digital Startup news roundup – Week ending 29 October