The new metro-rail system in the hi-tech city of Bengaluru besieged by traffic problems is gaining popularity. The network, called ‘Namma Metro,’ with a total length of 42.3 kilometers has an average daily ridership of 315,000 passengers. The challenge for metro users, especially those living in the suburbs is the […]

Green digital startup idea – e-Rickshaws for Bengaluru?

As an editor of I work closely with startups, founders, entrepreneurs, investors and VCs. At times it feels like I work as a product taster at Ben & Jerry’s or Baskin Bobbins ice cream chains who offer 100s of flavors As a product taster for Ben & Jerry’s, would […]

Q&A: How do we share an idea for a startup?

Would you start a start up idea/company which is already started by someone? Response by Mohan K, Editor @   Many startups and entrepreneurs struggle with the question you ask. It comes down to what you are trying to do: innovate with a completely new idea or execute really […]

Q&A: Would you start a start up idea/company which is ...