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Large tech giants and the tech oligopoly  are realizing that they need to move beyond their core userbase in the west to grow and thrive. Google has been pushing hard on its attempt at reaching the next billion internet users in Southeast Asia. Facebook, in turn, recently took out an […]

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Those of us living in the west, especially in North America, have been conditioned to think of Iran as a third world pariah nation besieged by American and Western sanctions aimed at containing its nuclear ambitions. Not many have direct connections with folks in the middle east or Iran; and […]

Startups thriving Iran: when life gives you a lemon

Here is a question from an online forum Why isn’t there any kind of business innovation in India? I mean all the successful startups in the past in this country have portrayed the western models of entrepreneurship and innovation, why so? Response from our editor, Mohan Thanks for asking, but […]

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A lot of entrepreneurs are trying to get into emoji business, inspired by news like “Emoji marketing startup Inmoji raises another $1.5M” and “China startup Kika scores $30.6 million for emoji keyboard” To explore the growing role emojis play in our lives, artsy emoji distribution and monetization platform MojiLaLa ran the […]

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The startup ecosystem in Bangalore (Bengaluru) – by some accounts the “Silicon Valley” of the east – is vibrant and has been nurturing tech startups that aspire to go global. The startups and the tech ecosystem continues to receive a lot of media attention. I had an opportunity to join […]

A visit to dynamic Startup Incubators in Bengaluru

Startups and Entrepreneurs: Here are a couple of articles of interest 5 things a new startup can do to get a journalist’s attention – by  Gedalyah Reback Small startups crave attention to get noticed by potential customers and investors, but miss doing simple things to get on a journalist’s schedule. […]

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