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An interesting question on an online forum: Despite competition from big e-commerce companies like Amazon, Flipkart, and eBay, etc., how are new e-commerce startups coping?   Here are a couple of thoughts to ponder. Amazon, eBay, and other eCommerce companies have strong roots in the U.S. and have been operating […]

How are new e-commerce startups coping? seems to be going gung-ho in trying to attract Indian customers to their Pantry and eCommerce offerings, trying to ward off Flipcart and other Indian ecommerce startups gaining a foothold. As of November 2016, Amazon is not just pushing eCommerce and online shopping but cashing-in on the public sentiment […]

eCommerce Review : Amazon Pantry, eCommerce payment in India

Leading VC firms Kalaari Capital and Norwest Venture Partners have quietly made a US$2 million seed investment in a startup in stealth mode, according to Termsheet, an online platform for angel investing. The deal was done in May, but not publicized so far.   Photo credit: Lord Enfield The startup […]

Ex-Amazonian’s stealth startup gets $2 mn seed funding to disrupt ...