Top25 StartupIdeas

Top 25 Digital technologies and ideas in 2017

We are entering an era of unprecedented adoption of progressive technologies and trends and mushrooming startups to meet the demand from consumers and enterprises. Startups and Entrepreneurs continue to dream-up and visualize unique startup ideas based on aggregating existing technologies and innovating new solutions.  Some of the trends like Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality (VR), self-driving cars – may be disruptive to our current order, and might indeed usher seismic innovation and changes. However, some of the innovations are just aggregation of existing technologies and techniques that will nevertheless bring in efficiencies and better ways of working.

startup trends 2017


Some of us working in the corporate world have dreamt of catching the entrepreneurial bug, being a part of startups or starting a venture to solve a pressing problem. Almost everyone has a favorite startup story – an idea that they have developed and are itching to commercialize, or know a friend who has decided to become an entrepreneur. We regularly read about startups exploding to be unicorns (billion dollar valuations) or getting bought by the likes of Google, Apple, Microsoft and others.

As we approach 2017, we continue to see innovation of technologies and business models. Click on the link for some of the hottest startup ideas, some details and examples of startups that have succeeded in the space

  1. Digitization and Domain specific digital solutions (link)
  2. Technologies and System Integrators to enable Digitization and eCommerce (link)
  3. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and cognitive technologies (link)
  4. Payment gateways to enable digitization and eCommerce
  5. eCommerce – Supply chains
  6. eCommerce –Online stores and suppliers
  7. eCommerce – Web development, support and maintenance
  8. Big Data – Data aggregation and visualization tools (link)
  9. Big Data – Data Analytics and analysis (link)
  10. Big Data – Integration tools and technologies (link)
  11. Social Media – Integrating innovations into social media tools
  12. Cloud hosting and integration
  13. Blockchain – Bitcoin technology (link)
  14. Technologies from Self-Driving cars (link)
  15. Commercial UAVs (Drones – use of drones and drone data)
  16. Virtual Reality and gaming
  17. Animation
  18. Robotics and automation
  19. Internet of Things (IOT) (link)
  20. 3-D printing
  21. Voice recognition and Voice activated UI (link)
  22. SaaS – Software as a solution
  23. Digital services – virtual assistant, transcription or translation services, content writing etc
  24. Content aggregation – blogs, SEO content aggregation etc
  25. Innovations in SMAC – Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud

Click on the links above for more details, examples of other businesses that have succeeded in the space. Contact us if you have a startup story you wish to feature

|Compiled and Edited by: Mohan K   || Reproduction with permission only |