Q&A : Why did eBay lose the plot, or never took-off despite an early player in Indian e-commerce space?

I think the greatest challenge with eBay in India is the Indian culture. This might sound counter-intuitive since Indians love haggling, and eBay is a great platform for haggling.

Let me explain with a preamble: I have been a customer of eBay .com in the US for over 15 years. I sold my first car – a 15-year old Toyota Corolla – to an eBay buyer over 12 years ago! The buyer bid just above my reserve price and called-me after the successful bid, came and picked up the car. I have bought and sold several high and low value items on eBay over the years. It is still the go-to place for rare/discontinued items. For instance, when Ray-Ban discontinued a certain model of prescription glass frames I like, I went to eBay and bough a couple of pairs to keep as spare.

eBay in America has been extremely successful since it created an ecosystem around a culture of haggling and trust designed into eBay’s eCommerce platform. Add to, it continues to enhance its ability to police and quickly weed out fraudulent buyers and sellers.

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So, why is eBay struggling in India?

I have also been using eBay .in for the past few months. On the surface, it is similar to eBay .com with a few differences (like paisa pay instead of paypal, enabling COD etc). The other major difference is that the market is not mature yet. A trust based system requires a number of buyers and sellers who can be trusted.

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Challenges I have encountered as a buyer and seller include:

  • Inability to disallow fake/fraudulent bidders who bid up my item with no intent of paying for it. After I encountered fake/non-serious bidder during my recent auction listing, I contacted eBay customer service. The CSR explained that they try and monitor users and disable accounts after a “few times” if the buyer bids and refuses payment. Few times is one time too many when it comes to customer satisfaction.
  • Whack-a-mole approach to weed out fraud. India is a large country and users have the ability to create multiple/“benami” accounts. I am suspecting that by the time eBay disables an account, the said person has moved on to using another account.
  • Lack of sellers willing to offer competitive prices: Some sellers haven’t got comfortable with auction model and prefer “buy it now” prices that are predictable.
  • Lack of critical mass. A trust based system requires a number of buyers and sellers who can be trusted. There aren’t many buyers and sellers on eBay .in with dozens of positive reviews that one can begin to trust.

Bottomline: The market for auctions is not yet mature. eBay is the largest online auction portal even in India, and it continues to grow and mature as it builds a pool of buyers and sellers.

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