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This week we feature an European Startup – Changing superfood consumption, one box at a time

Superfoodbox is an food-and-beverage eCommerce venture that sells boxes of food with made-to-measure ingredients for common problems people have.The startup delivers boxes full of “superfood” to make eating healthy easier than ever before.  The startup claims “We deliver boxes full of superfood to make eating healthy easier than ever before. Ready to eat, made-to-measure sets aim to improve your life. Ready to eat, made-to-measure sets aim to improve different areas of your life. All ingredients are 100% natural. Our superfood is carefully selected from the best producers and breeders from all over the world.”

The boxes are custom designed for specific needs including

  • Superhero BOX – If you are a sporty person who wants to lift more, run faster and have better endurance – this box is made for you.
  • Longplay BOX – If you run marathons, spend a lot of time at the gym and need extra long stamina, take this box.
  • Mind BOX – If your work is intellectual, you are studying or need an extra kick of energy for your mind, get this box.
  • I’ll be back BOX – It doesn’t matter if you’re recovering or had an extra long break in your active life. Take this box to recover in a fast & safe way.
  • Chill BOX – Did you have a hard time at work or university? Need to relax your body & mind? If so, this box is perfect for you. Stress relief guaranteed.
  • Perfect body BOX – Do you want to burn extra calories, get extra energy or carve beautiful body? If so, these 6 ingredients will help you to reach your body goals.

In each box you will find six unique, carefully selected, effective ingredients which are enough for a month. You don’t have to cook anything. All ingredients are natural and prepared in a convenient form of powder or herbal infusion. Eating healthy has never been so easy.

Tomasz Pasko, Cofounder superfoodbox


Startup Bytes

SuperfoodBOX –  What is SuperfoodBOX? Monthly supply of ready to eat, made-to-measure sets to improve different areas of your life. Our superfood is carefully selected from the best producers and breeders from all over the world. All ingredients are 100% natural.
Co-founder: Michał Bożek, Sebastian Baron, Tomasz Pasko
Startup Focus: To help people to eat healthy but in a convenient way.
Future Plans:  Continue to grow
Startup stage and funding: Early stage, bootstrapped.

Q&A: Tomasz Pasko, Cofounder superfoodbox

How did you get started with the idea?

SuperfoodBOX was made to itch our own scratches. We wanted to eat healthy but don’t want to spend too much time finding effective, natural & healthy ingredients. So we decided to help people like us – who are always in a rush pursuing daily & life goals to eat healthy but convenient, as well.

The idea sounds interesting. Who are your main competitors?

There is a lot of competition out of the market. We analyzed them but we want to focus on developing our business rather then compete with others.

Who are the main customers of

We divided our customers in two personas. The first one is all people who exercise, want to eat healthy (or eat healthy already) but want to make is as less time consuming as possible. Second group is people who work intellectually and need food to improve memory, concentration focus. We have boxes to improve physical or intellectual capabilities. As we are based in Poland our first market is European Union but to be honest we dream about the USA but for now as the legislation process is expensive and time consuming we are focused on Europe.

How do you plan to address practical challenges. For example, marketing and outreach is a challenge most startups face? 

We have two challenges – marketing & sales. We need to create wonderful story around SuperfoodBOX and create a marketing to convince people that eating healthy is good for their body and inform them that it’s easy – they don’t have to make research, spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Buy SuperfoodBOX for your needs, make a shake, porridge and drink it. Simple as this. In case of sales we of course need sales to get traction and start earning (not spending) money as we do now. It’s now that easy as we have something new, we have to educate people what we can do for them, what SuperfoodBOX gives them and then we will be able to sell but… we’re back in the point one – we need a good marketing.

Tell us about your business model. Where do you see yourselves in a year?

Of course we want to go global, conquer the market, move to California and work on SuperfoodBOX with best people in Silicon Valley but… and first we have to focus on sales where we are

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