Digital Startup new roundup – Week ending 16th April

2017 VC Market: U.S. Startup Investment Picks Up In Q1 –  U.S. startup investment activity somewhat rebounded after a downturn late last year, with larger rounds and an improving environment for tech IPOs. However, funding totals are still below the highs set several quarters ago. A preliminary analysis of Crunchbase data shows that funding for U.S. startups ticked up in the first quarter of this year, with investment holding up at historically high levels across all stages.

Rajan Anandan, VP, Google India says that it is the Beginning of the Start-up Boom in India – With the median age of 27, India has the largest number of youngsters and the Google chief says that they’re born digital with a growing insatiable need for the internet. When it comes to the internet, the growing tribe of emerging businesses on the internet can’t be ignored. Anandan feels that the country is beginning to see innovative companies coming up in the country through applied innovation. Innovation comes from necessity and he thinks that we’re now seeing start-up founders from tier-2 and tier-3 cities that are committed to developing the country, who will take the Indian story forward. Business Insider caught up with Rajan Anandan, VP, Google SE Asia & India to understand how the internet landscape has changed for small businesses in the past few months.

Ever Heard of the Startup Deis? Well, Microsoft Certainly Did – Microsoft is acquiring Deis, an open-source software company that helps businesses build and operate massive online applications atop cloud services. In so doing, Microsoft is making a direct play to better compete with Google and Amazon. Though the startup is small and the purchase price is likely not that significant, the move underlines Microsoft’s commitment to the technologies that will define online infrastructure in the years to come—even though those technologies run counter to the business models that traditionally drove Microsoft.

Start-up generation rises in the UAE – In his vivid and groundbreaking book Startup Rising: The Entrepreneurial Revolution Remaking the Middle East, the American Christopher Schroeder has chronicled the efforts of the Aramex founder Fadi Ghandour, Maktoob’s Samih Toukan and other pioneers of the region’s e-commerce and internet-related businesses.  From his vantage point as an investor, Silicon Valley insider and a successful entrepreneur himself, Mr Schroeder has been able to put the story of our region’s start-ups into a global context. As a result we learn than we cannot take the Fadi Ghandours and Samih Toukans for granted, and that it was not inevitable that the Middle East would have its own tech companies in the absence of their tenacity and vision. He also believes that, thanks to the work of the early few, an entire generation of entrepreneurs could be about to benefit.


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