Digital Startup news roundup – Week ending 14th May

Here’s the news roundup of world of Digital Startups from the past week.

Why My Startup Scrapped Its Perfectly Successful Business Model – One CEO explains why the best time to change everything is when it’s working out great. This spring, Tesla pulled ahead of General Motors to become the most valuable car maker in America. That’s despite GM breaking records in 2016 with 10 million cars sold and earning $12.5 billion in profit. Tesla, meanwhile, delivered 76,230 cars and lost $219.4 million. As dazzling as GM’s numbers are, investors are betting the upstart Tesla has the brighter future.

Startup Step-By-Step: Down – A year ago, after closing my first startup, I attended one of those conferences that you’re supposed to attend. There were a lot of old friends there, folks who I hadn’t seen in a while, and there was the usual collection of panels and panelists, Power Points and Pellegrino. As I stood in a sun-full room clutching a coffee someone asked me about my first startup. The reaction was swift. First I felt the old gut churning, the fear. It was like bringing up the name of a family member who had recently died, like raising old ghosts. I started to talk – “We just were too early, it was a good experience” – but then it got harder and harder. A failure is a blow. It’s a pop to the nose, tears welling up not out of sadness but out of surprise and anger and disappointment. Disappointment in yourself, in your choices, in your inability to stick to it. A feeling that you should have done better. A feeling that you rarely get as an adult in a cubicle, sitting and waiting for the next paycheck. It’s a feeling that I knew I needed to feel but it was also a feeling that hurt to the core.

Denver Startup Week 2017: Topic ideas voting begins – There is no shortage of ideas on what to talk about at this year’s Denver Startup Week. Organizers of the sixth annual free entrepreneurial event said that 1,039 ideas for group sessions were submitted — the most of any year. Each year, the organizers have asked entrepreneurs what they want to talk and learn about. After all the submissions roll in, they ask entrepreneurs to vote. This year’s event is Sept. 25-29 and voting for the sessions is now to May 28. ( Vote for ideas here)

Texas Angel Networks Summit Highlights SA Startup Ecosystem – The flurry of business cards exchanging hands Friday at Hotel Emma reflected the keen interest of angel investors from across the state at the Alliance of Texas Angel Networks Summit 2017. The nonprofit Alliance of Texas Angel Networks (ATAN) was created in 2012 to foster the growth of start-up activity in Texas, with 13 angel network groups across the state.

Wal-Mart, tech firm plan startup hub – Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has partnered with RevUnit, a Bentonville-based tech firm, to establish a hub for young startups that is to be called Exchange. The collaboration between the retailer and RevUnit will provide selected companies with free working space, mentorship opportunities and access to events that could help foster relationships between entrepreneurs and established businesses in Northwest Arkansas. The space will be located in RevUnit’s new headquarters in the former Farmers Exchange building near downtown Bentonville. Space will be reserved for startups selected through an application process. Joe Saumweber, co-founder and chief executive officer of RevUnit, said during a kickoff event Thursday night that the goal of the joint venture is to provide another outlet to support the startup community in the region. He said he believes Wal-Mart’s involvement gives the project “gravity” and will help the retail giant build relationships in the fast-moving industry.

Personal styling for mobile-savvy women – MANY women look to mobile applications for practical needs and fashion needs are no exception, it seems. Tuning into this fact, Jakarta-based startup Yuna & Co has created a personal styling and shopping app of the same name for mobile-savvy Asian women. In a recent interview with Digital News Asia, Yuna & Co founder and chief executive officer Winzendy Tedja shares that before founding the startup, he actually owned a digital agency in Indonesia. “So this is not my first business, we got acquired by global marketing communications group WPP in 2012 and I exited last year. I actually have a long background in digital, I have a lot of experience with data and during that time, when I wanted to build a new startup and I wanted to make it count.” He adds that he founded the startup in 2016 and that it is bootstrapped.

IBM to deepen ties with startups, developers, academic institutes: Nipun Mehrotra, Chief Digital Officer, IBM India – IBM is looking to deepen its engagement with startups and developers through its newly formed digital business group, IBM India’s chief digital officer Nipun Mehrotra, who has set a lofty goal of making 200,000 -300,000 developers experience the IBM platform this year, tells Vikas SN in an interview

Startup Institute Launches Its First Part Time Program – Leading career accelerator in New York City and Boston drives careers in the innovation economy. Startup Institute, the leading career accelerator for the innovation economy in New York City and Boston, today announced the launch of its first part-time program. The 12-week part-time program is in response to demand from students who want to combine study with full-time employment, while receiving the same intensive training in the most in-demand skills in the startup industry, and demand from companies who are eager to accelerate the skills of their employees and introduce the startup mindset to their teams.

Startup Thailand and National Innovation Agency presents Echelon Thailand 2017 –  Echelon Thailand 2017, the biggest tech conference to be held in Thailand is breaking the ASEAN boundaries by bringing in the best start-ups and large business companies together from the Southeast Asia region. This year, the tech market is hungry for innovation, and Echelon has once again included Thailand into the fold, continuing to build and integrate the Southeast Asian market together.

Singapore wants to find tomorrow’s star founders with private sector mentorship – As it becomes more obvious that the digital market is the way to go for Singapore’s future economic growth, the city-state is eager to get the public and private sectors talking and working more with each other. Startup SG was announced in March as a way to unify all its different startup schemes under one brand. Some of the reforms under the scheme include more government participation in startup co-investment and changes to Singapore’s entrepreneur visa to allow more foreign founders to set up companies here.

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