Robot cop: Police Robot in Indore to manage traffic 1

Security robots are in the news a lot. Just this week the news of a MallRobot falling into fountain in an apparent suicide went viral. (ref: Security Company Is Replacing a Mall Robot That Fell Into a Fountain to the Internet’s Delight)

And there is news of a pilot project comprising a 14-foot gigantic “robot” that will manage traffic was launched in the Indian city of Indore recently.

Apart from rotating on its axis and having mobile arms for hand signals, the robot has a public address system and a Wi-Fi enabled camera that will be able to take snaps of traffic violators and generate e-challan (ticket). This is probably the first time in the country that a robot has replaced humans in traffic management.

“It was a successful experiment, and the robot will stay there and manage traffic every day. We also have plans to put up such robots in other squares in Indore,” Hari Narayan Chari, Indore deputy inspector general of police (DIG) told Hindustan Times.

Already earning the ‘Robocop’ moniker, the robot is installed on a five foot pedestal at the busy MR 9 intersection in the city and has been attracting a lot of attention for its futuristic appearance.

If you are from Indore, feel free to send your feedback and observations on the RoboCop.

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