Failed ventures Sept 2017 : RIP Startups that didn’t make it 2

In a case of crowdfunding disaster, Kanoa shuts after startup taking customers’ money” is lockedStartup shutdown: In a case of crowdfunding disaster, Kanoa shuts after startup taking customers’ money.

Failed Startup: Juicero Runs Out Of Juice – Juicero, a Silicon Valley juicer startup that raised $120m from investors and was widely ridiculed after the $400 machines were revealed to be the equivalent of two hands squeezing a juice box, is shutting down.

Mokshika Sharma, co-founder and chief financial officer, Full Fridge Inc.

Meal delivery startup Full Fridge shuts down after funding well runs dry –  It was in operation for about a year with the novel concept of targeting meal delivery at middle-income Americans. That did not attract enough investor interest, according to co-founder and CEO Federico Galarraga: “Investors didn’t know what exactly to compare us to.”

Music video AR app shuts down –, the App designed to let users ‘insert’ themselves into their favorite music videos, is shutting down. The startup was launched as Chosen three years ago, and raised at least $ 10 million has announced it is folding after a potential acquisition fell through.

Chinese Sex Doll Sharing Service Gets Shuttered – Chinese sex-bot manufacturer, Touch, was ordered to pull its dolls from the market and apologize. This, less than a week after it began its “shared girlfriend” doll rental service. China’s long had strict pornography laws, often restricting access to sexual material. And while some products skirt the line, this may have been too much. Chinese media said that the company was fined by law enforcement and then ordered to stop promoting its new toys.

Failed smart helmet startup Skully rises from the dead – Smart motorcycle helmet startup Skully is attempting a comeback, promising the thousands of customers burned by the company’s spectacular failure last year that the new owners are “determined to make it right.” Skully, which tried to revolutionize the motorcycle industry with the creation of a $1,500 augmented reality helmet, crashed and burned a year ago, without shipping the vast majority of the 3,000 products customers pre-ordered and paid for. Now a new company is rising from the ashes, to be called Skully Technologies.No word on whether prior customers will get refunds.

Social media AI startup Meshfire is shutting down – Meshfire, an artificial intelligence-backed social media management company based in Kirkland, Wash., will shut down Sept. 30.

I shut down my VOD startup, Afrostream after 2 years. Here’s why  – On September 13, 2017, two years almost to the day after the launch of the Afrostream video-on-demand service , we stopped the marketing of subscriptions. The service closes definitively in France, the United Kingdom Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and in 24 African countries including Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Congo, Gabon, Guinea-Bissau, Senegal and Togo. Thanks to the thousands of subscribers who have trusted us and the hundreds of thousands of fans who have followed us on social networks.

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